Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My bike is broken, the back brake decided that stoppping my bike wasn't good enough and committed suicide on a steep hill. It will be missed.

Anyhow I'm broke again thanks to my buying of the effects pedal of ben (which kicks some boo-tay). Direct your eyes to the right and you'll see his link somewhere or other. I talk as if you don't all know who he is, play along kiddo's!

The guest house has two rooms now, and we're beginning to get about two customers every two weeks or so. We're the bottom rung of society, my dad works at wilkinsons and I work at pizza hut.
Coincidentally, who here works in a job where serving people is the number one priority? All of you i guess. The customer always right..? No, they aren't. Ever heard of some asking for a pizza without cheese, or a vegitarrean pizza... with spicy pork, 30 year olds asking for childrens food or perhaps, my favourite a pizza with tuna on because they are vegitarrean. Because of this (I just found this out) a pizza with just tuna on has to be cut on a vegitarrean board with vegitarrean slices and then they have to all be washed before any more preparation can be done on REAL veggy pizzas. Just in case they get offended because they are eating the bad kind of dead animal.

All these and many more stupidities are a regular occurence. I have had to ask myself if I am one of these people who is a pain in the arse to everyone? I fucking well hope not.

Reading soon, jubilations etc.

This site deosn't get any real attention now from me. I may retire the old girl soon.


Friday, April 29, 2005

I have officially become an old person, I might as well give up and start pretending like I don't enjoy Quincy and get myself some tartan slippers. The reason?
Well... I have had a back spasm, for no reason. I was walking along the path by college, minding my own business when my back decided to cramp up on my quite severly, meaning I had to go to the first aid bit. They told me that I should go to hospital in case it was my kidneys. One woman even asked if I had shooting pains up and down my left arm...
Anyway, while I was waiting for my lift to the hospital, all the old ladies on reception informed me of how their husbands had done the same thing. Even the doctor, about 40years old, remarked how he'd done it but last week... Great... I'm one stage off nappies and smoking my pipe while the nurse empties my incontinence pants Hoo-rah.

Anyway, apart from that I'll just remind everyone that their exams are soon. Just thought you might like to know


Sunday, April 03, 2005

I'm going to Reading again this year....


Who else is going? (as i will be needing lifts and stuff and you know how i hate to pay when i can scroun- ... I mean, when my friends are generous enough to offer me things)

Saturday, March 12, 2005

I open this blog with a startling discovery:

Rim is in the dictionary. I don't mean the rim of a glass type of rim either. Also, so is fuckwit. This is not a joke, there was a boring Maths lesson in an English room... The rest is self-explanitory.

Anyhow, this is the first blog in a while so I update you with stuff from my life. I have broadband again, although not yet on m y computer so i will once again become ever-present on this old inter-web thing you're all so fond of. Also, the rugby season has drawn to a close, thus ridding me of my excuse to get pissed on a wednesday... Oh well, nevermind ay? At l;east I got a try.

I am still unemployed, i have drawn the conclusion that i have some flaw somewhere which means i cannot get a job... maybe I really am an illegal immigrant called Chavez like my parents told me........ nah.

Ahh broadband, i love it. It means that if i Were to pick up the phone right now... like this *picks up phone* ...
And my computer doesn't explode into a serious error notice. Its a lovely feeling knowing that your computer isn't going to spontaneously combust.

On a less juvenile note, I am really bored. My ps2 seems to be suffering from old age as it's beginning to pack up on me, which is annoying. I don't have the money to afford a new one, or my new guitar that will come... the second of never, or the many cd's i want. Poorness sucks.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Hello again.
I haven't done this in a long time, so i'll start from the beginning... kinda.
The bus journey home from Aylesbury was possibly the worst experience I have ever had. Combining my already emotional state with four and a half hours, of the five hour trip bein taken up by a child screaming. My volume on my cd player was at full volume... i could still hear her... The seat i picked i thought was next to quite a small person, only to discover she was actually a really fat woman who had a habit of squashing me when she turned to try and sleep. Suffice to say, it wasn't the most comfortable journey in the world.
When you got use to fatty, and the kid and her increasingly frustrated mother left, it was dark and i needed to go to the toilet. (Don't worry I'm not gonna talk in detail about my.... well you get the message.) but the toilet... has no light. You shut the door and your in complete darkness, bouncing along the road - not even sure if the door is locked. But it cost 9 quid, so what ya gonna do?

Since then life has been reduced to playing rugby, playing vice city now that I gave my brother san andreas back.... (What a great game that is btw.) I'm also at the moment tryibng to rid myself of the worst cold i can remember having for a long time, coughing and spluttering all over the place. (What is a splutter? I'm still not quite sure.) I can't afford new guitar strings, which i need now as i snapped one... before i went down south (Donations can be sent to 11 Victoria park Avenue, Scarborough)so am busy playing on my funky 5 string guitar...

Driving lesson has been cancelled for today as it has been snowing (but not settling)since last night. It's good because i didn't want my first lesson ever in a car to be at rush hour, in the dark... on an icy road... Pile up anybody?

I am at schol now, the place i get broadband... or any kind of internet without chance of anything bad happening, so i now have to run to a maths lesson. Will update soon-ish.


(p.s. next blog will be more entertaining)

Thursday, January 13, 2005

I have ten minutes or so before my next English lesson, so I thought I'd indulge my craving for all things geek-like. As such I have been recently playing Postal 2. A wonderfully witty game that also has the added bonus of taking people's heads off with spades...

It's illegal in New Zealand now, or so Ben tells me. Actually illegal.

I have been playing a lot of games and generally having a lazy comedown from the gorging and lack of exercise that was Christmas. It was great to see my cousin and other family members again, this coupled with my brothers 21st meant a large consumption of alcohol... Which was fun.
I've also just sat four exams, the physics one I am already thinking of re-taking as I feel I did incredibly poorly on. So that means I have four physics exams in May. Let the good times roll.

I will probably be coming down to Ayles for a few days in February, most likely from the eight to the twelfth... The week before you break up for half term in other words. This means that I will probably invade the grammar school for a day and bum around town during the rest. Your free periods are therefore mine to take... You will all be my bitches including you Ben, and your spangly new guitar... and halo 2.

Spent a bit too long on here, but I don't really have much inet access at home so this explains my lack of msn capability, so I'll talk to you ...when I can I guess.


Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Hey.. Don't worry I'm not dead. I'm nto an undead form of Keith typing away as the other one died in a ditch after being run over by some teenage kids. don't walk around in a plastic raincoat and kill them all... no i'm really not that's the plot of a film.

Monkey dust is gone from our screens, how i mourn it. I believe it was one of the best things to watch during the week, now i just have to settle with the Kumars... Whoop-de-fucking-do. The smoking room is quite fun though, I know it is just sitting around the house watching people sat around not doing much.. but i like it damnit.

You may be wondering after having not blogged for so long why when i eventually do i decide to fill the page with my ponderings about the comedy available on bbc2. Well there is a good reason for it. We have a large amount of good comedy at the moment in britain. Little Britain, Monkey dust, Qi, and.... the Kumars. A concept long dead to me as the guest became laughable, which is more than can be said for some of the jokes. This is not why i'm mad though, it's because channel four have put a break in the middle of the simpsons. It was bad enough when sky did it, but not you too channel four surely? One thing i noticed is that on sky one, they were sponsored by Domino's pizza.. now channel four have got pizza hut sponsoring them. Why are pizza companies so keen to sponsor the simpsons? I understand the benefits... by why pizza companies? There is probably a good reason, but meh.

It is my birthday in four days (changing tack for a while) and i'm not gonna do much. Just having my bro come up, give me my present and leave. It's an interesting thing my birthday - too close to christmas to get any decent presents and too close to christmas to get genuinely excited. On the plus side I have driving lessons to look forward to, which is a plus. But, it's just the dissapointment of passing anoher and feeling exactly the same. When we were young we saw birthday's as milestones, I was taught to believe that these would trigger big changes... but they don't really. They just mean you can buy beer legally instead of buying illegally and that you don't have to wait for video to see certain films. 17 is like when you turned fifteen, you think it's a big deal, but it isn't. Nothing really changes at all... except the bum fluff gets more prominent.

So yes hello all, christmas is soon so we can al start getting fat again :-).

I haven't really got much to say, but will blog again shortly.